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QuickRev 1.6.0

     Category: Development Tools

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QuickRev is a code review tool which supports formal code review processes for Subversion and ClearCase controlled files. It implements a Complete Review Cycle, allows reviews between different versions and shows the differences between the files. It can be configured easily to be adapted to the established review process. Produces readable xml-output to be archived for later inspection respectively verification and to be formatted via stylesheets or parsed for further evaluation in any intended way. # Supported version control systems: * Subversion * ClearCase * QuickRev is prepared to be extended for other version control systems # Complete Review Cycle * Allows reviews of files without gaps in between # Reviews between different file versions * Shows diff for the selected file versions. # Reviews support for 'non-text' files * Comments can be added even for files which cannot be displayed in QuickRev like pdf-files. # Syntax Highlighting * C/C++, D, Java, Python, Ruby, XML/HTML * The syntax highlighting can be extended easily for other languages. # Email Notifications * Send emails about the state of the review from within QuickRev # Checklist Support * Define your own checklists with your coding rules and add violated rules directly to the review comments # Easy configuration via xml-config files * Different input components can be configured freely to the information and conclusion tabs. * The values for severity and state can be configured individually * Stylesheet to be used with the written project files can be configured * and more... # Readable XML-Output * The project files will be saved in a well defined xml-format which can be evaluated easily from other tools. # Metrics * Metrics like number of review files, lines of code, review effort, etc. will be written to the project files automatically.
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Author: SourceForge
License: Freeware
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